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ProGrade Metabolism is Now Metabo 223x!

Metabo 223x Review:

Prograde Metabo 223x
Prograde Metabo 223x

For all the fans of Prograde Metabolism, you should know that it has been updated and improved. Prograde Metabolism is better than ever, and it has a new name: Metabo 223x.

There’s a reason why Prograde Metabo 223x is one of the most popular products made by Prograde. For anyone looking to drop unwanted body fat while on an exercise routine or eating regimen, Metabo 223x is definitely one of the best choices on the market today.

Fat burners comprise a huge share of the supplement market – and for good reason. Almost 2/3 of the American population is overweight, and losing weight is difficult. People are looking for a product to help increase metabolic rate and burn more of that stubborn body fat.

Many products contain questionable or even potentially dangerous ingredients, but Metabo 223x by Prograde combines only the safest PROVEN ingredients to help you lose weight. Take a look at the all-star list of ingredients:

Capsimax Capsaicin Extract

Capsaicin helps to boost metabolism and split fat cells to burn additional fat. The problem is, most supplements don’t use the right type of Capsacin in the right dose to be effective. Prograde Metabo 223x uses a special bioactive form of Capsaicin that only breaks down in the small intestine. This increases effectiveness and eliminates the stomach discomfort which other products may cause.

Raz-K Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are popular because they have been proven to help burn body fat. The thing is, only ONE form of Raspberry Ketones have been shown to work in HUMAN studies – Raz K. Of course, that’s why Prograde includes Raz-K in Metabo 223x. It’s harder to extract and more expensive, but cheaper forms of Reaspberry Ketones just don’t work, so what’s the point?

Advantra-Z Thermogenic

Advantra-Z is the only patented thermogenic on the market today? It’s a unique form of Bitter Orange Extract that is bioavailable. The great thing about Advantra-Z is that it boosts your metabolism without increasing your blood pressure or heart rate. This means Metabo 223x helps you burn calories without all the negative side effects you might get form “lesser” products.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is one of the most studied supplements in existence today, and it has been proven to reduce appetite and improve athletic performance. Caffeine by itself isn’t very special, but when combined with the advanced ingredients in Metabo 223x, it takes the fat burning power to the next level. Prograde has included the most effective form of caffeine – the anhydrous form – to maximize absorption and help you get results faster.

L-Theanine for Mental Calm

You might think with all the advanced fat burning ingredients in Metabo 223x you would feel jittery or nervous. You would be wrong! Prograde is smart enough to include L-Theanine, and amazing amino acid that helps promote a feeling of mental calm. This counteracts the stimulant effects of the caffeine and makes you feel good when taking Metabo 223x.

B-Vitamins for Energy

B-Vitamins help you derive energy from the foods that you eat. Getting a boost of B-Vitamins in Metabo 223x will help you feel more energetic all day and can improve your mood as well. The last thing you want is to feel groggy or tired while trying to lose weight, and of course Prograde has found the solution.

Chromium for Insulin Metabolism  

Chromium is an essential mineral and helps your body use insulin. If you don’t get enough in your diet, it can reduce the effectiveness of diet and exercise. Prograde addressed that with Metabo 223x and adds high quality Chromium to ensure your insulin metabolism is where it needs to be. This helps you lose fat faster.

Bioperine for Absorption

Finally, Prograde realized that it’s not how much you TAKE that counts, it’s how much you ABSORB. Bioperine was added to Metabo 223x to increase absorption. That’s why you only have to take 4 capsules instead of 6, 8 or even 12 a day like other fat burners out today.

This is a truly astounding ingredient list, but the really amazing thing is that they are all clinically proven to be effective. No guesswork or fad ingredients are included in Prograde Metabo 223x. When combined with Prograde’s 60 day satisfaction guarantee, you really have a win-win situation.

Trainer’s Tip: Take Metabo 223x in the morning and early afternoon for best results. Don’t take it too close to bedtime or your extra energy may not let you sleep well. Take Metabo 223x consistently and try not to skip days. After 8 weeks on Prograde Metabo 223x, take 2-4 weeks off to reset your system. After a break, you can resume taking Metabo 223x if you still have more weight to lose.

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